Kamala Harris Asked If She Thinks Trump Is A Racist: ‘Yes I Do’

Sen. Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate, was recently interviewed by 60 Minutes, where she asked if she thought President Donald Trump is a racist. You can probably already guess what her answer was.

The interview, conducted with anchor Norah O’Donnell, was first focused on when Trump called Harris “nasty” and referred to her as a “monster.”

“This is not the first time in my life I’ve been called names,” the vice presidential nominee said. “It was predictable, sadly.”

“Do you think the president is racist?” O’Donnell asked the California senator.

“Yes, I do,” Harris replied.

via Washington Examiner:

“You can look at a pattern that goes back to him questioning the identity of the first black president of the United States. You can look at Charlottesville, when there were peaceful protesters, and on the other side, neo-Nazis, and he talks about fine people on either side. Calling Mexicans ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals.’ His first order of business was to institute a Muslim ban. It all speaks for itself,” Harris said.

Trump has repeatedly denounced white supremacy. During Thursday’s presidential debate, Trump called himself the “least racist person in this room.”

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Harris over the years she’s been involved in public service, it’s that she’s a total pushover, especially when she knows being so will help further her political career.

There’s no low she won’t stoop to in order to get ahead. So it’s no surprise that she’d bow the knee and repeat the same left-wing talking points the Democratic Party wants her to say in order to stay on target with the narrative they’ve been pushing from day one of Trump’s first presidential campaign.

The president is not a racist. That word has become meaningless, a typical smear tossed out by Democrats when they have nothing of substance to use to counter principles and facts.

Sad they are willing to sink to that level, but it is what it is.