JUST IN: Alaska Called For Trump By Decision Desk HQ

Decision Desk HQ has made the official call for the state of Alaska, awarding it and its three electoral votes to President Donald Trump.

This makes the first major outlet to give the state to the president over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. The official call comes a week after the election was held, and is one of the final states to be called by a major election decision desk.

Alaska was expected to go to Trump, as the state also elected an all Republican congressional delegation.

via Daily Wire:

“Decision Desk HQ Projects Trump (R) Has Won The State Of AK And Its 3 Electoral Votes,” the outlet tweeted. “Race Called At 11-11 8:22 AM EST.”

Decision Desk HQ declared Biden the winner of the presidential race over the weekend after projecting him to win Pennsylvania. A number of other major media companies followed suit, most after awarding the former vice president the state of Pennsylvania and pushing the Democratic candidate above 270 electoral votes on their election projection maps.

Trump has refused to concede the election while his campaign continues to litigate alleged cases of voter fraud and push for audits of vote counts in battleground states such as Nevada, Michigan, and Arizona. After the slate of calls declaring Biden the winner of the presidential election, Trump released a statement vowing to continue his legal fight over alleged election malfeasance.

It’s sad we’ve had to wait so long to get the final results of the election, but this was to be expected when so many folks believed the hype pushed by Democrats for the need to vote by mail. Because of that delay, a number of issues have popped up questioning the integrity of our voting system this go around.

Hopefully, we’ll soon know for sure who the winner of the election is so folks can start preparing for the future.