Judge In Georgia Throws Out Trump’s Lawsuit To Stop Ballot Counting

A judge in the state of Georgia tossed out a lawsuit filed by President Donald Trump and the Republican Party in the state that sought to halt the counting of ballots on Thursday.

The president’s lawsuit was a bit more specific in Georgia than it is in other states where he’s filed one, alleging that GOP poll watchers in the state had actually witnessed an unidentified woman create a stack of 53 ballots that arrived at Chatham County after Election Day on top of a pile of absentee ballots that arrived on or before Election Day.

In other words, they witnessed this woman sticking ballots that were technically not valid, on top of a stack of ballots that were valid, indicating she still planned to count them. The question then is how often had that been occurring in the state?

via Daily Caller:

The witnesses reportedly told the court they were not sure when the ballots had arrived, and Chatham County Superior Court Judge Adam Bass threw out the case, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The ruling for this case came just an hour after the Trump campaign received a partial victory in a similar lawsuit in the state of Pennsylvania.

A Pennsylvania judge initially granted the poll watchers the requested access, but did not order a recounting under GOP supervision. Democrats responded with a counter suit to block the GOP poll watchers’ access. A Judge has reportedly halted the voting until the question can be answered finally.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has reportedly intervened and overturned the ruling in favor of the Trump campaign, however, and counting has resumed.

This election is a real mess, isn’t it?