Joe Biden’s Obama Friendship Bracelet Joke Sinks Like A Lead Blimp, Twitter Is Not Impressed

Although I’m not a huge fan of made up holidays, food is my love language and I’ll gladly step in line if it means a free donut or taco or something.

As for “Best Friends Day,” a nonsense holiday that some blindfolded individual in an office tower somewhere pointed to on a calendar after spinning around three times (or so I imagine), I could be found snuggling with my besties: a fat cup of coffee and my MacBook.

You think that’s sad? Maybe, but not nearly as sad as what Joe Biden did to celebrate the non-holiday last Saturday.

In an incident the kids these days would call “cringe-y,” Biden posted the following tweet:

So, the same dude who expressed his desire not to have former President Barack Obama officially endorse his own presidential candidacy and said, “Whoever wins this nomination should win it on their own merits,” is apparently the same dude who’s going to not-so-subtly hint that he’s best buds with all the naive lefties’ favorite prez.


Now, to be fair, the photo is not a new one, and it was actually kind of funny when Biden first shared it as a joke birthday card for Obama, who was celebrating his 55th birthday at the time.

Back then, times were simpler. Biden wasn’t himself a candidate, the Blue Checks gave their retweets of approval, and scores of folks went out and made their own ironically funny friendship bracelets.

But now, Biden is a main contender candidate, and the thinly-veiled nod to his bestie in the middle of the pre-primary campaigning stretch comes off as in poor taste to the vast majority of folks on both sides of the aisle, even Barack Obama’s former campaign manager, David Axelrod:

Bill Kristol chimed in as well:

Others on Twitter asked Biden if he was “okay,” pointed out how “clingy” and “really weird” he came off, and took the opportunity to remind everyone that Obama seems to think Biden is a great best friend, but might not make such a fine president.

Here are a few of my favorites:

And, the sequel:

And, of course, a shout-out to James Woods, the voice of reason Twitter saw fit to ban:

Looks like in the absence of an actual endorsement, Biden is just going to improvise.