Joe Biden’s Campaign Says Election Is ‘Moving To A Conclusion In Our Favor’

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign stated on Wednesday morning that the race for the White House is “moving to a conclusion” in their favor, putting forth a rather confident tone concerning the battleground states that have yet to be decided.

Election night did not produce a definitive winner as we’re all still waiting for results from Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, and Alaska.

via Fox News:

A Biden campaign official on Wednesday morning, though, told Fox News that the race is moving to a conclusion in their favor.

“This is moving to a conclusion — and moving to a conclusion in our favor,” the official said.

The official projected confidence in the contest in Wisconsin, saying they expect it to be called in favor of the former vice president later this Wednesday morning.

As for Michigan, the campaign says they will have an “insurmountable” vote-by-mail lead and expect that battleground state to be called later Wednesday.

The official said that Biden’s campaign is very confident they will take Pennsylvania, expecting to see results from Philadelphia’s vote-by-mail sometime later in the day on Wednesday or possibly early on Thursday. A similar timeline is also projected for Georgia.

This same official also predicted that results from Nevada would be revealed by Thursday.