Joe Biden Tries To Parry Trump Demand To ‘Name One’ Law Enforcement Group That Backs Him

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden did not bother to answer a question about naming a specific law enforcement group that supports his bid for the White House during the first debate held Tuesday evening.

Both President Trump and former Vice President Biden have the support of various law enforcement groups, but Trump and his reelection campaign have really leaned into those endorsements, while Biden has received pressure to support the “defund the police” movement.

Here’s more from Fox News:

“He’s talking about defunding the police. … He has no law enforcement support,” Trump said Tuesday night in Ohio. “Who do you have? Name one group that supports you.”

“That’s not true. … We don’t have time to do anything,” Biden said, sparking a back-and-forth.

“We have time,” Trump insisted.

At this point in the event, biased-moderator Chris Wallace turned the debate toward a discussion of the violence, rioting, and looting taking place in Portland.

The reason for much of the support Trump is getting from police organizations has to do with the hostility toward cops that is being pushed by radical left-wing news organizations and politicians who have joined in with the “defund the police movement.”

Democratic leadership in major cities being hit the hardest by Black Lives Matter protesters are opting to do nothing to stop the chaos and have restrained police from being able to do their jobs to restore law and order.