Joe Biden Says The Reason People Could Quarantine During Pandemic Was Because ‘Some Black Woman Was Able To Stack The Grocery Shelf’

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has once again stuck his foot in his mouth with a controversial and somewhat racist comment. Biden stated that the reason why some folks were able to quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic is because “some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf.”

Just imagine if a white conservative made that comment. That individual’s career would essentially be over and they would never be able to show their face in public again.

via Fox News:

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“They’re saying, ‘Jeez, the reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some Black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf,'” Biden is heard saying in the clip.

The 10-second clip, which was originally shared on Sept. 29, was just a snippet of comments the Democratic nominee made during a Sept. 15 roundtable with veterans in Tampa, Fla.

In the expanded remarks, Biden had expressed a positive tone in dealing with the problems the country faces, particularly the ones that stem from the coronavirus outbreak. He said that he’s “more optimistic … than I’ve ever been in my whole career.”

“And they say, ‘Well, why in the hell would you say that Biden? You just talked about all these difficulties.’ Well, I’ll tell you why. Because the American public, the blinders have been taken off,” Biden sad to the event attendees. “They’ve all of a sudden seen a hell of a lot clearer. They’re saying, ‘Jeeze, the reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some Black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf. Or a young Hispanic is out there, these dreamers are out there, 60,000 of them acting as first responders and nurses and docs.’ Or all of a sudden people are realizing, ‘My Lord, these people have done so much. Not just Black, White, across the board, have done so much for me. We can do this. We can get things done.’ And I think they’re ready.”

The video went viral after it was passed around by Turning Point USA senior contributor Rob Smith.

Many folks have labeled the statement as “racist.” Not only that, but, exactly, does a person of any color stocking a shelf have to do with staying home during lockdown? What bearing does that have to do with anything?

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