Joe Biden Gets Taken To The Woodshed Over Use Of ‘Gendered’ Phrase

One of the most hilarious things to watch is when the left begins to eat its own because of a lack of conformity to one of their political correctness rules. It’s even more entertaining when the individual getting eaten alive — metaphorically, of course — is current Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden.

So what did Creepy Uncle Joe say that has everyone’s underwear in a bunch? He apparently “overused” a “gendered” phrase. One has to wonder what it feels like for Biden to fall victim to the insane politically correct obsessed culture he helped create during his time with the Obama administration.

via The Daily Wire:

Biden seems caught in a time warp; a relic from decades ago now forced to endure the social-justice mob of the 21st Century. We certainly can’t feel bad for him, since he and the Obama administration helped foment the current outrage culture by encouraging and supporting campus radicals (or, at the very least, doing nothing to teach them civility and sanity).

Biden has always been running afoul of current political correctness, but until recently, he was never held accountable by the same left-wing media that finds racist “dog whistles” in nearly everything Republicans say.

But Biden is now receiving that treatment. Biden, who speaks in a down-to-earth manner, sometimes says “c’mon man” to emphasize a point about something he finds ridiculous. Years ago, Internet feminist scolds informed us that saying “guys,” is sexist, and now Internet scolds have determined that “c’mon man” is also sexist.

Last week, New York Times opinion columnist Charles Blow took Biden to task for his “bro-iness,” writing that Biden used “a rhetorical device that men often use among themselves, in locker rooms and barbershops, to recognize, register and reinforce masculinity.”

Last Saturday, The Washington Post ran an entire article about Biden’s use of the phrase, claiming that it “can quickly signal dismissiveness, annoyance, sarcasm or a certain willingness to use words that seem gendered, none of which are sure winners for a candidate trying to attract voters.”

People really do dig around for things to be offended about, don’t they? It’s a sad state of affairs that this pathetic, wimpy culture we now inhabit is the great nation of the United States. It’s embarrassing really. Are other countries laughing at us over this? They probably should be.

While there’s a lot to hammer Biden over, his usage of the term “guys” is definitely not one of them. But this is what happens when political correctness rules the day. You practically have to carry around a thick book to consult that outlines words and phrases that are inappropriate to use before you craft a single sentence. It’s absurd.