Joe Biden Gets Heckled In Pittsburgh: ‘You Finally Got Out Of The Basement!’

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been taking a whole lot of flack for hiding in his basement during the vast majority of the campaign season in 2020. During this time, he’s not done very much in the way of campaigning with people in person or accepting tough interviews from the media.

He’s seemingly avoided all of this like the plague, likely under the supervision of his campaign advisers, because the former vice president has become a walking gaffe machine in the last few months, leading some to question his mental fitness for the office of president.

Hilariously, during a little outing in Pittsburgh in which Biden was helping to deliver pizzas, he was heckled by someone for this very thing.

via Daily Caller:

The action was posted to Twitter by Bloomberg reporter Tyler Pager:

“You finally got out of the basement!” a man could be heard shouting off-screen. “Hey Joe, who paid for those pizzas? Hey Joe, who — Trump would have gave us steak!”

Biden pulled down his mask briefly and shouted, “don’t jump!” but it was unclear whether it was directed at the heckler.

A key swing state critical to both campaigns, Pennsylvania went Republican in 2016 for the first time since 1988. In a speech in Pittsburgh Monday, Biden tried to pin the blame for ongoing riots and lawlessness on President Donald Trump, calling the graphic scenes “images from Donald Trump’s America.”

The reason so many people are giving Biden the business over hiding in the basement is because during the coronavirus garbage going around the country, Trump still tried to get out and do interviews and make his presence known in some form. This makes him look strong, while making Biden look weak, something Trump has brought up time and again.

Just wait until these two men take the debate stage. Well, if the Democratic Party allows him to come out and play that is.