Joe Biden Confesses He Shouldn’t Have Made Controversial ‘You Ain’t Black’ Comment

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden finally confessed on Sunday evening that the extremely controversial “you ain’t black” comment was a huge mistake and is something that he shouldn’t have said.

Yeah, no kidding, Joe. Can’t believe it took you this long to figure it out and say something in response to it all.

It’s amazing how disconnected from reality Biden is, which is just further proof that his mental state right now is not where it should be.

via Fox News:

“I shouldn’t have said that,” Biden told ABC News’ Robin Roberts when asked about the remark.

“I was trying to make the point, [Trump] is a man that spent his entire career denigrating African Americans, the truth is, there is a fundamental difference between Donald Trump and me on the issue of race across the board,” Biden said. “I’m not gonna try to divide people.”

Back in May, Biden faced significant backlash when he made the remarks during a contentious radio interview with “The Breakfast Club” co-host Charlamagne tha God.

The question we should be asking Biden is where’s the proof to back up his claim about Trump “denigrating” African-Americans during his career? Is this just a baseless claim? Well, without evidence to back up his statement, it certainly is.

Leftists have spent an insane amount of time attempting to make President Trump look like a racist over the last four years. It’s been their go-to narrative time and time again, despite the fact there’s been zero evidence to support that claim.

These days, being called a racist has no sting. It’s a word that’s overused and abused by radical leftists to try and shame their opponents. Truly, it has no power.

Perhaps Biden would be better served by coming up with a real, legitimate platform that helps Americans and focusing on that rather than trashing the president?