Jobs Number Report Is Abysmal, Biden Blames Delta Variant

The jobs numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is pretty abysmal for the month of August when it comes to the how many new jobs were created for the month, which, according to President Joe Biden, is all because of the delta variant.

In fact, Biden says there’s “no question the delta variant is why the jobs report isn’t stronger.” The report from the BLS says there were only 235,000 jobs created in August.

“What we’re seeing is an economic recovery that is durable and strong,” Biden said during a chat at the White House to discuss job numbers. “While I know some wanted to see a larger number today, and so did I, what we’ve seen this year is continued growth, month after month.”

via Washington Examiner:

Although the national unemployment rate fell to 5.2%, economists had projected 750,000 jobs would be added.

Biden blaming the delta variant exposes two weaknesses of his administration. The White House had been praised for its handling of the pandemic, but the president’s struggles to mitigate the consequences of the more contagious strain of the virus have put pressure on his approval ratings. At the same time, Biden has never polled well with voters when they have been asked whether they trusted him with the economy.

Biden also referred to the stock market on Friday, taking a subtle dig at former President Donald Trump, who routinely cited stock gains as evidence of his economic management.

“There’ve been so many records the stock market has hit under my presidency. Imagine if the other guy was here. ‘We’re doing great. It’s wonderful. The stock market is surging. It’s gone up higher under me than anybody,'” he went on to say. “But that doesn’t mean it’s the best for the economy.”

Look, no matter how he tries to spin it, this whole mess with the jobs report has revealed that he’s not really doing a good job of tackling the new delta strain of COVID. In reality, we’re still suffering from all of those lockdowns last year. In fact, some places are now doing another round of lockdowns and that is why the jobs aren’t being created.

Regardless, Biden needs to act like a man and take responsibility for what’s happening in the country during his watch.