Jim Jordan Says President Biden Should Just Resign Because He ‘Hasn’t Done Anything Right’

According to Rep. Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, it’s useless to try and impeach President Joe Biden with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in charge, but then said that he should just resign anyway.

“This administration hasn’t done anything right,” Jordan went on to state during an interview on Wednesday’s episode of “Stinchfield.” “I think he should resign. Tell me, what he’s done right?”

“We went from peace in the Middle East to thousands of rockets being fired on our friend and ally Israel. We saw what took place in Afghanistan, where 13 servicemen lost their lives, Americans left behind. Allies left behind, $90 billion of equipment and weapons left behind, and Joe Biden called that an extraordinary success,” Jordan continued.

via Newsmax:

Jordan suggested that Democrats will not do what Republicans did and vote to impeach a president from their own party for the first time in history, but “anyone with any rational thinking” can see that Biden “is not up to the job.”

“[Biden] spoke [Tuesday] at the United Nations, and he said we’re going to build back our relationships with our allies,” the congressman went on to tell host Grant Stinchfield. “At the very moment he’s doing that, what are Democrats doing? They’re taking out money for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system. How does that help our best ally, the state of Israel?

‘So, nothing makes sense from these guys. He should resign. He is not up to the job, and anyone with any rational thinking can see that,” Jordan said.

Another Biden administration failure, Jordan said, is the situation at the border, where the administration is allowing thousands to cross the border illegally and enter the U.S.

“This has to be intentional,” Jordan stated. “I mean, any rational person has to reason that this is intentional. This is deliberate, because it just keeps getting worse.”

“And Mr. Mayorkas says, ‘we’re executing our plan,'” Jordan proclaimed, speaking of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. “I mean, go figure.”

“This is something we’ve just never witnessed before in the history of our great country,” he finished.

Jordan’s right. This is definitely being done purpose. The reason? Simple. The Democratic Party wants to inflate its voter base more. Using illegal immigrants is the best, and fastest way to do that. It will, they believe, help them win big in the 2022 midterm and hold on to control of Congress.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.