Jan. 6 Select Committee Will Be Releasing Interim Report In 2022; Here’s What We Know

According to new reports, the House select committee that is investigating the riots that unfolded at the Capitol building on January 6 of this year will be releasing an interim report on what it’s probe has uncovered thus far sometime next summer, while also revealing plans to hold public hearings sometime in 2022.

The committee is gathering information as we speak and requesting testimony from witnesses, including a few members of the GOP serving in Congress.

“We have to address it — our families, our districts and our country demand that we get as much of the causal effects of what occurred and come up with some recommendations for the House so that it won’t ever happen again,” panel chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., went on to tell the Post.

“This is the next progression — to see whether or not some of the things that we have uncovered or discovered rises to the level of a criminal referral” to the Justice Department, he went on to add.

“We want to tell it from start to finish over a series of weeks, where we can bring out the best witnesses in a way that makes the most sense,” an unnamed senior committee aide said to the news outlet. “Our legacy piece and final product will be the select committee’s report.”

via Newsmax:

Another unidentified senior committee aide added that “we may issue a couple reports and I would hope for a [full] interim report in the summer, with the eye towards maybe another — I don’t know if it’d be final or another interim report later in the fall.”

One committee aide went on to say that “in terms of criminal referrals more broadly, we are asking questions and finding facts. We’re not a law enforcement investigation, but we are finding facts, and we expect to make our findings public at the appropriate time for everyone to see.”

It’ll be interesting to see if they’ve actually found anything or if this whole thing has been nothing more than a witch hunt to try and paint up conservatives as domestic terrorists.

My money is on the latter.