James Woods Takes Break From Owning Libs on Twitter…To Helping Them Evacuate SoCal Fires

This is actually an awesome story, and one that most certainly will restore your faith in America, conservative values, and everything that is good and holy.

James Woods usually has his name in the headlines of conservative news blogs for some expert retort to an unhinged liberal, and serves as the refreshing antidote to the left-wing monolith that is the entertainment industry.

However, as deadly wildfires rage in Southern California, he took a break from his usual banter to conduct a virtual search-and-rescue operation, organizing a hashtag that people could use to locate loved ones.

His operation has clearly been a success, as some users ecstatically shared:

Woods also took the time to give some vital advice to pet and animal owners in the evacuation:

An admirable effort on the part of the conservative effort, and, when his liberal counterpart on Twitter, ultra-progressive actress Alyssa Milano, tweeted out a plea for help, he humbly retweeted, asking for help.

When one of his cynical followers asked why anyone would want to help the actress, who on any other day Woods would likely be mocking on Twitter, he bluntly explained that she needed help:

Pure class.

If we can’t lend a helping hand to our fellow Americans when they are in need, despite vast ideological differences, what have we become as a nation?