J.K. Rowling Takes On Controversial Stream Who Told Her To ‘Shut The F*** Up’ Over Her Stand For Women

Author of the bestselling Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling, took popular stream Vaush to the woodshed after he told her to “shut the f*** up” in a post on Twitter that was published on Tuesday.

The remarks from Rowling come as a response to Vaush’s attacks on social media concerning her opposition to biological men identifying themselves as women being put in women’s prisons, a move that was proposed in a piece of legislation known as the Scottish Gender Recognition Reform Bill.

“All JK Rowling had to do was shut the f*** up and she could have been almost uncritically beloved for like a century,” the streamer posted on Twitter.

Rowling fired back in a tweet of her own, making a comparison between Vaush and her ex-husband.

“What you and your ilk fail to appreciate is how tediously familiar I find your tactics. I had a violent ex-husband who used to tell me life would be great if only I’d comply, but you’re making the same mistake he did. Women like me can’t be bullied out of resistance,” Rowling seethed.

via Daily Wire:

Vaush was unrelenting in his response to Rowling’s public statement against him.

“Listen Joanne you don’t get to play the victim card when you’re the advocate for taking away women’s rights here,” he responded.

“Trans women are raped and killed in men’s facilities and you want to keep them there because of your trauma. Quit making your feelings other people’s oppression,” he continued.

Vaush has been noted as a controversial streamer over remarks he has made about sexuality. A past video documented the streamer saying every man has masturbated to animated child porn.

In another streaming video, Vaush was recorded in a stream talking about sexual relationships between adults and minors, saying, “it is possible for an adult and a child to have a sexual relationship and for it to have positive outcomes on the child as well. … However, categorically, we discourage those relationships because as a rule it is substantially more likely that enabling them would cause harm in society.”

What a sick and twisted individual. How in the world does a sicko like this still have a platform to spread this disgusting point of view? Why has he not been “canceled?”

Maybe it’s because the left is inconsistent in its application of its own principles?

Regardless, this guy needs to be booted from the services he uses to stream for making gross statements about children. He’s clearly a danger to others.

And Rowling is right to speak out against biological males who identify as female being placed in women’s prisons. Rape and all sorts of nastiness is guaranteed to happen if this is allowed.