Iran’s Parliament Takes Up George Floyd Cause, Shouts ‘Death To America’ To Show Respect For Protests

Everyone’s favorite America haters, Iran, are up to their old tricks again. Having looked far and wide for yet another reason to blast off at the mouth with their infamous “Death to America” chant, the oh so good folks over in the Iranian parliament have decided to show “respect” for the protests over the death of George Floyd by engaging in this time-honored tradition.

An Iranian lawmaker made an acknowledgement of the tragic death of Floyd while in police custody and stated the chants would show respect for the “movement of the oppressed.”

Now let that sink in for just a moment. These folks, who live under Sharia law, are showing respect for people who are oppressed. If you can’t see the hilarious irony in such a statement, you have to have had your head buried in the sand during the last several decades.

Here’s more on this from The Washington Examiner:

“To show respect for the movement of the oppressed in the United States, I ask you to stand for a few seconds and chant ‘death to America’ to show our respect,” he said as the whole chamber stood to join in the chants.

Several Iranian politicians have used Floyd’s death to condemn the United States as a whole, including Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. On Thursday, Iran’s supreme leader tweeted, “A police officer coldly kneeling on a black man’s neck & pushing until he dies, while the other officers do nothing to stop this no matter how much he pleads, is nothing new. It is the nature of the US system.”

You know 2020 is nuts when the radical Islamic country of Iran is attempting to virtue signal the United States. Can this year get any more wild and out there than it already is? It’s utter insanity.

How about, instead of lecturing the US on oppression, the Iranian government stop tossing gay people off rooftops? Or making women walk around covered head to toe? Or sponsoring terrorist acts?

Just something for those folks to ponder.