Iran Threatens That Any Move Made By US Against It Would Face ‘Crushing’ Response

Last week, according to reports, U.S. President Donald Trump asked for options concerning a potential attack on Iran’s top nuclear site, though he ultimately sided against taking that course of action.

According to an Iranian spokesman, any such assault on their country would face a “crushing” response.

Ali Rabiei delivered remarks on one of the Iranian government’s websites, saying, “Any action against the Iranian nation would certainly face a crushing response.”

via Newsmax:

Citing a U.S. official, Reuters reported on Monday that Trump, with two months left in office, conferred with top advisers about the possibility of attacking the Natanz uranium enrichment plant, but was dissuaded by them from that option.

One of the advisers named in the report, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, is on Wednesday due to visit Israel, which has long hinted at possible military action against its arch-enemy Iran.

“If I were the Iranians, I would not feel at ease” after the report, Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said, adding that he was not aware of the Oval Office deliberations last Thursday.

“It is very important that the Iranians know that if, indeed, they suddenly dash toward high levels of enrichment, in the direction of nuclear weaponry, they are liable to encounter the military might of the United States – and also, perhaps, of other countries,” Steinitz said during an appearance on Israel’s Army Radio.

The Iranian government continues to insist that it’s nuclear program exists for “peaceful needs.” Rabiei also went on to accuse Israel of “psychological warfare” against Iran.

“I personally don’t foresee that it’s probable that they (the United States) would want to cause insecurity in the world and the region,” the spokesman said.

Anyone else not buying that whole “peaceful needs” junk that the Iranian government is trying to sell us on? Kind of hard to believe that sort of thing when their people are in the streets on a regular basis shouting, “death to America.”

That doesn’t exactly say “peace.”

Regardless, I think if the U.S. took action against Iran, they’d be the ones crushed. Just saying.