Investigation Into Hunter Biden Is Still Ongoing

The New York Times recently released a report revealing that a federal grand jury continued to look at evidence in a wide-ranging examination of Hunter Biden’s international business dealings even after he managed to pay of a large tax liability.

A tax probe inquiry under the Obama administration was widened back in 2018 to include potential criminal violations of tax laws, along with foreign lobbying and money laundering rules, sources went on to tell the Times.

via Newsmax:

The newspaper reported Wednesday that the federal grand jury, as recently as last month, heard testimony in Wilmington, Delaware, from two witnesses, one of whom was a former employee of Hunter Biden.

It was unclear whether the criminal probe was focused solely on Hunter Biden, or if he was among a group of individuals and companies being scrutinized, the Times said.

Sources told the newspaper that prosecutors have asked about potential Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) violations by a Washington consulting firm, Blue Star Strategies, which worked for a Ukrainian energy company in an arrangement that Hunter Biden helped broker.

Hunter Biden confirmed in December 2020 — little more than a month after his father defeated then-President Donald Trump in the presidential election — that his taxes were under federal investigation.

Less than a week later, it was being reported that a subpoena that is seeking documents from the youngest son of President Joe Biden asked for information related to more than two dozen entities, which happens to include Ukrainian gas company Burisma.

“Prosecutors face a number of challenges in bringing criminal charges, people familiar with the investigation told the Times. The hurdles included proving that Biden intentionally violated the FARA, which requires disclosure to the Justice Department of lobbying or public relations assistance on behalf of foreign clients,” Newsmax reported.

The report from the Times added that Biden paying off his tax liability doesn’t preclude criminal charges against him, although many legal experts have stated that juries and judges do seem to be much more sympathetic to defendants who have made effort to pay off their bills.

Biden recently spoke with his associates over the course of recent months telling them he paid off the federal taxes he owed, which totaled more than $1 million, which had been a subject of much scrutiny.

“David C. Weiss, the U.S. Attorney for Delaware, is overseeing the investigation. He was nominated to run the office by Trump, and has been permitted to remain in office until the Hunter Biden case is resolved,” Newsmax said.