In New Interview, Trump Reveals GOP’s Top Priority For Midterm Elections

According to former President Donald Trump, the “number one” priority for the GOP is taking back control of the House in the 2022 midterms from the current Democratic majority, who he called “radicalized horrible people who hate our country.”

“We have to take it back,” Trump said during an interview with Newsmax’s John Bachman before his massive rally in Florence, Arizona Saturday. “What they’re doing with the open borders, the judges, and all of the things they’ve been doing is so sad … we’ve got to win the House and I think we can win the Senate also. We should win the House, maybe handily, and I think we should win the Senate.”

The former president went on to say that one of the low points for our nation last year was the Afghanistan troop withdrawal debacle led by the Biden administration.

“We were coming out strong, with dignity, and there’s never been a lower point than what happened with Afghanistan,” Trump remarked.

via Newsmax:

Meanwhile, there were some chants in Saturday’s crowd about Dr. Anthony Fauci to “lock him up,” and Trump told Bachman that the doctor, who is now Biden’s chief medical adviser, has “done some pretty poor work.”

He added that Fauci wanted him to keep the United States open to China and Europe in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, and if that had happened, “we would have lost hundreds of thousands more people.”

Trump further said that Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and who served on his White House’s Coronavirus Task Force, “wasn’t a big factor in my administration.”

“Biden has made him a big factor and they have done a horrible job on COVID, or the China virus, as I call it,” said the former president. “They’ve done a horrible job.”

Then Trump stated that if he were still in the Oval Office, there would be “no mandates” on the coronavirus such as those enacted by President Biden.

“The mandates are killing our economy,” he continued. “I’m convinced that when you have supply chain problems, you can’t get paper, you can’t get lumber, they can’t build houses, they have no nails, they have nothing. I think to start off with, the mandates are a disaster.”

The former president said people aren’t working and “you can’t get people to work because of the mandates.”

Trump said the first thing he would do is end COVID mandates because, according to him, that “help straighten the economy.”

Later on, he tackled the issue of illegal immigration and the current border crisis currently unfolding under the watch of the Biden administration.

“The whole country is a border state, if you think about it,” because immigrants are continuing pouring in, said the former president. “They’re pouring through the country but for Arizona and Texas in particular their borders are a terrible problem. We’ve got millions of people coming into our country and many are coming from prisons of other countries, over 129 countries they said last week … they’re emptying out their prisons. The United States is a dumping ground for a lot of people who are not the people that we want.”

Let’s hope that we can take back the House and bring some serious needed change to how things are being done right now. If nothing else, this will help to put a stop to the Biden agenda moving forward, buying us time until 2024 where he can hopefully take back the presidency.