Illinois Senator Tries to Blame GOP for Chicago Violence…James Woods Sets Him Straight

While the Democrats consistently bang the drum of gun control, there is no distinct correlation between gun control and reduced firearm homicide rates. In fact, in several examples, cities with strict gun provisions often see high rates of firearm homicide as well.

If we assert that Democratic gun control measures may actually lead to higher rates of gun homicide, the city of Chicago is the petri dish.

Yet, somehow, Senator Dick Durbin completely failed to see the irony when he directly blamed the GOP for Chicago’s gun violence rates when he tweeted about the tragic shooting of a 19-year-old anti-violence activist on the streets of Chicago.

Durbin, who is, to be clear, a Senator from Illinois, seems to have failed to pay attention to which party has been drafting policy in Chicago for the last eight decades. 

Notorious Twitter owner-of-libs James Woods stepped in to clear things up for Durbin:

Oh, wow that is awkward.

The sad thing is, Democrat voters have been so conditioned to connect the fact that firearms are legal and easy to purchase in many (freedom-lovin’) states across the nation with the fact that there are high firearm homicide rates in other states.

The data on gun laws and gun violence is complex and draws no straightforward conclusion on whether or not gun control is actually effective or not, but one thing is clear: the NRA and the GOP advocate for the rights of law-abiding gun owners and there is definitely no statistical correlation between law-abiding gun owners and gun violence.


Non-law-abiding gun owners, on the other hand, are exactly the sort of demographic that Democrat voters will turn around and demand shorter sentences for.

You can’t simultaneously blame law-abiding gun owners for the gun violence of criminals and on the very same platform, rally to remove the blame from criminals who choose to commit crimes with guns.

Well, I suppose you can, but that just makes you a Democrat.