Idaho State Legislature Passes Heartbeat Bill That Bans Abortion After Pulse Of Pre-Born Child Is Detected

Idaho Republican Gov. Brad Little signed America’s newest heartbeat bill into law on Tuesday, a piece of legislation that bans abortion from being performed after the heartbeat of a pre-born child has been detected.

“This legislation prohibits abortion procedures when a fetal heartbeat can be detected, with the exceptions included for rape, incest, and life of the mother,” the legislation reads. “A detectable heartbeat is a key indicator, in law and medical practice alike, of the existence of life. This legislation becomes effective upon the issuance of any decision upholding a restriction or ban on abortion of a preborn child with a heartbeat by any United States appellate court.”

via Disrn:

In signing the bill, Little said Idaho “values the most innocent of all lives,” and that good people should “never relent” fighting to protect unborn children.

The law was sponsored in the legislature by Republican Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, who pointed to the myriad of services available to women experiencing crisis pregnancies.

“With the availability of compassionate and supportive services and the rights pregnant women have in today’s world, a woman can give birth and continue her life goals,” Lodge went on to say. “Encouraging life also provides two million families that want to adopt the opportunity to love and raise a child, if the mother chooses adoption.”

Idaho now joins Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, and Tennessee as states that have enacted a heartbeat law.

While anything that saves the life of a pre-born child is great, we need to be thinking bigger. By that I mean we need to start working toward abolition of the entire horrific practice and seek to criminalize the act so that we can save the lives of our most vulnerable citizens.