How’d You Like to See a James Woods-Roseanne Sitcom? It Just Might Happen.

Twitter can often be a depressing cesspool of bickering and slander where civility and basic human decency has gone to die.

On the other hand, it can also be full of some fantastic ideas, that we can watch take flight in real time as users join forces to flesh out awesome proposals.

One great example was the recent suggestion that James Woods and Roseanne, two of the biggest Hollywood stars sent into cultural exile over their pro-Trump views (not that Roseanne didn’t bring it on herself a bit, thanks Ambien), join forces to launch a bigger, better sitcom than anything ABC would dare to touch.

Roseanne, of course, got booted from her own show earlier this year following Valerie-Jarret-Tweet-Gate, a decision some ABC execs recently admitted may have been a rash one.

ABC has replaced the wildly successful reboot of the classic 90’s sitcom with a Barr-less “The Connors,” and Woods, who has long been one of the most vocal (not to mention, one of the only) conservative actors on Twitter, took to his favorite platform to chide the network for nixing her.

He expressed hope that Barr would “hijack” the Roseanne character and take it to another network.

After posting a picture of the legendary comedienne “because he felt like it”, one follower asked if he’d consider doing a sitcom with her. His answer garnered quite a bit of support from fans.

Fans jumped on the idea, suggesting various scenarios that might work without making things hairy legally:

There is, of course, one certain outcome if this collab were to take flight: