House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Says China ‘Wins Big In This Tax Bill’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy recently stated that President Joe Biden, who is currently getting pressured from far-left Democrats, says he’s all for the working-class, but the tax-and-spend bills, coupled with the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, are really nothing more than huge victories for China.

“You know who wins in this tax bill? China,” McCarthy went on to state during the Thursday edition of “Spicer & Co.” “The global minimum tax is going to make companies in America leave America because it’s a tax advantage to be somewhere else.”

via Newsmax:

Also, the Democrats’ long-sought “redistribution of wealth” plan to “tax the rich” — as the backside of the dress Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., wore to the Met Gala this week read — is picking winners Democrats “like” in the economy.

“Then there’s this wokeism of this tax bill. It’s redistribution of wealth,” McCarthy said during his interview on the program. Biden, he stated, ”punishes the businesses that he dislikes to move it to someplace that he does. So, if you are creator of energy — that you make America energy-independent — he punishes you.”

“But if you make $800,000, he gives you a reward for buying a Tesla and sending your child to Yale. This isn’t about real working Americans,” he finished.

The left has always faked being about the little guy. We see that in how these kind of policies actually shake out for the people we are told they are supposed to help.

At the end of the day, liberals want to subjugate the working-class, making them pay for the lifestyles of the rich, make them slaves to the “elite” in society and government.