House GOP Leaders Says He’ll Vote To Remove Pelosi As Speaker if She Tries To Impeach Trump For SCOTUS Nomination

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stated on Wednesday that he would vote to remove House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from the position if she attempted to impeach President Trump over trying to nominate a Supreme Court justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

McCarthy, speaking to the press on Capitol Hill, referred to comments made by Pelosi on Sunday in which she refused to rule out the possibility of using impeachment as a means to stop Trump from having another SCOTUS pick appointed to the bench.

via Daily Wire:

“I will make you this one promise, listening to the speaker on television this weekend, if she tries to move for an impeachment based upon the president following the Constitution, I think there will be a move on the floor to no longer, or the question of her being Speaker,” McCarthy said, adding, “She may think she has a quiver — we do too.”

On ABC News’ “This Week,” Pelosi used the arrow/quiver analogy when answering a question from host George Stephanopoulos about the House moving to “impeach President Trump or Attorney General Barr as a way of stalling and preventing the Senate from acting on this nomination.”

Pelosi didn’t rule out the possibility of impeachment, telling Stephanopoulos, “Well, we have our options. We have arrows in our quiver that I’m not about to discuss right now.”

The radical leftist element in our government is well aware of the fact that the number is up on their movement. This is why they are trying to pull out all of the dirty little tricks they have to stop the president. However, the Republican Party can smell the blood in the water, the fear rolling off the Democrats, and are pushing forward with this appointment because they know it’s the right thing to do.

Pelosi should absolutely be removed from that position if she tries to abuse the process of impeachment for her own political agenda.