House Democrats Set To Introduce Bill To Limit SCOTUS Justice Term

You know the Democratic Party is scared out of its wits when House Democrats are suddenly working up new legislation to try and change the tenure served by justices on the Supreme Court from lifetime appointments to a single 18 year term.

The new bill is set to be introduced next Tuesday and is clearly a response to President Trump pushing to fill yet another seat on the Supreme Court after the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg last week.

Gee, they really don’t want a conservative majority on the bench, do they? What is so precious to them that they feel will come undone with a lifetime majority for conservatives on the court?

Oh. That’s right. Abortion.

via Daily Wire:

Reuters reported on the forthcoming bill, Thursday:

The new bill, seen by Reuters, would allow every president to nominate two justices per four-year term and comes amid heightened political tensions as Republican President Donald Trump prepares to announce his third pick for the Supreme Court after the death on Sept. 18 of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, with just 40 days to go until the Nov. 3 election.

According to Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna (CA), the bill — the “Supreme Court Term Limits and Regular Appointments Act” — is intended to tamp down partisanship.

“It would save the country a lot of agony and help lower the temperature over fights for the court that go to the fault lines of cultural issues and is one of the primary things tearing at our social fabric,” said Khanna.

Here’s the problem with the Democrats’ plan. The lifetime appointment of Supreme Court justices is something outlined in the Constitution. This means the only way to change that is through a constitutional amendment. These are extremely hard to do and get passed.

You can all but guarantee this measure is going to fail spectacularly. It’s essentially just a way for the left to express their displeasure with the very real chance that Trump is going to get another nominee appointed before the election.