House Democrats Plan To Investigate President Trump’s ‘Joyride’ During Walter Reed Stay

It seems that House Democrats are constantly on the lookout for anything they can potentially use as an assault against President Donald Trump, even if it makes them look insanely ridiculous.

Take, for example, the absurd outrage about the president taking a ride during his stay at Walter Reed Hospital not long after his COVID-19 diagnosis. The purpose for the mini road trip was just to say hello to the supporters who gathered outside of the hospital to wish him well.

The trip itself was deemed medically safe. Trump had an attending physician with him, in full protective gear, and he wore a mask. So what’s the big deal?

Apparently, Democrats are concerned that the president unnecessarily jeopardized the lives of his Secret Service detail.

via Washington Examiner:

Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat, accused Trump of disregarding the safety of his protective detail when he left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for a short drive in his limousine to greet supporters who were outside the facility.

Thompson called Trump’s Sunday night trip a “joyride” that risked the health and safety of the agents who had to accompany him on the trip.

“So we can know more about how these events have affected the Secret Service and national security, I have requested a briefing from the agency on the current safeguards in place for their employees — including on the President’s protective detail — and how Secret Service agents can be kept safe from coronavirus-related threats, including apparently the President himself,” Thompson said in a statement.

This whole mess just seems like yet another excuse for the radical leftists in the House to launch a political assault against Trump. They are desperately trying to paint a narrative of the president as inconsiderate of others, foolish, and incompetent. It’s part of a last ditch effort to sway voters to give the president the boot come November.

Will it work? Let’s hope not.