Hipster Store Sells $42 Bundles of Twigs (And They’ve Sold Out)

This is not a joke, but it sure has triggered plenty.

Anthropologie, the painfully hip, overpriced clothing and home decor retailer, is attracting attention for selling a $42 bundle of twigs in their winter line.

The sticks, which are literally just a bundle of twigs tied together with twine, are proving to be both wildly popular and fodder (no pun intended?) for endless cracks from internet smart alecks.

Revelist explains that the twigs “are listed on Anthropologie as ‘birchwood’ and ‘imported’ (from?), and the bundle, which is wrapped in two pieces of brown string, includes 20 branches. How magical!”

Magical is one word for it.


Many Twitter users, who are absolutely dying over #TwigGate2018, are offering up the many ways in which one may save their $42.

Others are inspired by the potential career possibilities this shopping trend implies:


Others wondered if perhaps this heralds a new future for sticks as we know them:

Many, however, simply struggled to understand how anyone could charge $42 for a bundle of sticks: