Here’s Why You Should Teach Kids About Marriage–Before Anyone Else Does

Long before same-sex marriage, long before progressives forgot how to tell what gender someone was, and long before people had romantical relations with roller coasters (yes, this is a thing), the attack on the institution of marriage began.


Divorce rates are ever-rising and as the sexual revolution just keeps…revolting while marriage and gender are redefined, the institution today is hardly recognizable.

As soon as your kids get out into the world, whether its seeing the way marriage is portrayed on TV, in movies, by celebrities, or at school and friends’ houses, they’re at risk of growing up with the same attitude the world has towards marriage: that it’s just a loosely defined idea of as-long-as-it-works-out commitment, rather than a sacred, God-designed institution.

Jani Ortlund over at Desiring God explains that “Our world says that marriage is something we invented for ourselves, so we can reinvent it in any way we want.”

“And, indeed, our world is doing just that. It is aggressively saturating our children with a new and unbiblical vision of marriage, sexuality and human flourishing. Families with different parental arrangements and interchangeable roles and titles cause confusion in our children.”

So she offers a simple solution: teach your kids about marriage yourselves  before it’s too late:

Help your children see that there are two ways to think about everything — the world’s way and God’s way. You can give them a glorious biblical vision of what God intends marriage to be…

Your children need to hear God’s definition of marriage from you — one man and one woman giving all of themselves to each other for their whole lives (Matthew 19:4–6). That’s why a married couple shares everything. They share their hearts, their name, their home — even their bodies. Explain why Daddy and Mommy kiss and hold each other.

If you have a Christian worldview, then you believe that it was God–not man–that defined marriage in the first place.

This is America and people are going to do what they want, and you may think that legally, this is just fine. But if you want your children to grow up and have a healthy idea of what commitment, long-term, life-changing commitment, looks like and to be equipped to raise their own children under the umbrella of a committed marriage, you can’t start them too young!

Teach them–and show them–what a healthy marriage looks like now…or someone else will beat you to the chase!