Here’s How Much The New $6 Trillion COVID Package Will Cost You And Your Family

According to a brand new analysis of the $6 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package that has been approved by Congress, which includes the $1.9 trillion Biden bill, will end up costing individual taxpayers $17,000 or $69,000 per family.

The new package also sets aside billions of dollars for non-COVID related relief and then chunks on to the close to $1 trillion in unspent money that was approved in earlier spending bills.

via Washington Examiner:

What’s more, the new package set for House approval on Wednesday sets aside billions of dollars for non-COVID-19 relief and adds to the nearly $1 trillion in unspent money approved in earlier coronavirus bills.

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, in urging the defeat of the so-called “Christmas tree” package, said on the House floor: “This is the reality of the bill before us today: It showers money on special interests but spends less than 9% on actually defeating the virus. But it gives San Francisco $600 million, essentially wiping out 92% of their budget deficit.”

Here’s a breakdown of how the money is parsed up:

  • Less than 9% goes to combating COVID-19.
  • Twenty-seven percent (or more than $500 billion) goes to state and local governments.
  • Twenty-one percent (or approximately $400 billion) goes to policies that reduce private-sector employment.
  • $135 million for the National Endowment for the Arts.
  • $135 million for the National Endowment for the Humanities.
  • $200 million for the Institute of Museum and Library Services.
  • $12 billion for foreign aid.

Here’s what will actually be spent in this year from the $1.9 trillion:

  • Five percent ($6 billion) of the $130 billion set aside for K-12 schools.
  • Five percent ($250 million) of the $5 billion for Emergency Housing Vouchers.
  • Seventeen percent ($7 billion) of the $39 billion for child care.
  • Twenty-three percent ($11 billion) of the $50 billion for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
  • None of the $5 billion for homeless assistance.

Liberals are totally taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to get funding for items on their wishlists and they aren’t even shy about it. Not even in the slightest.

This is the perfect example of not letting a crisis go to waste. And we the people are the ones fitting the bill for their insanity.