Heidi Cruz, Wife Of Ted Cruz, Is ‘Pissed’ At ‘Paparazzi’ Who Snapped Pics Of Her ‘In Her Bikini’

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas stated that his wife, Heidi, is none too happy with the paparazzi who snapped off a few photographs of her in her bikini while she was on vacation in Cancun.

Cruz and his wife had planned to take their daughters on a last minute trip to Cancun during the winter storm that slammed into the state of Texas. As you might imagine, the left was all up in arms over Cruz taking a vacation while his home state was experiencing a crisis.

Things got so bad he actually cut his vacation short, while his wife and daughters stayed behind.

via Daily Wire:

As the outcry erupted around Cruz, a photojournalist captured footage of his wife on the beach “in her bikini,” Cruz said on a Tuesday episode of the podcast “Ruthless.”

“It was really creepy,” Cruz began, referring to a photographer snapping a photo of the Cruz family dog Snowflake in the window of their Texas home. “Even more creepy, frankly, is paparazzi went down to the beach and took pictures of Heidi in her bikini.”

“And I will tell you that she is pissed about it,” the senator continued. “Now I’m sitting there, look, Heidi is smoking hot, so I looked at the pictures and said, ‘man, you look great,’ but, you know, … I don’t think there are many women that would be thrilled to have reporters following them around, taking pictures of them in their bikinis,” Cruz added.

Later on in the podcast, Cruz revealed that his wife was also “pissed” at two anonymous sources who leaked her text messages to a group chat to The New York Times. Heidi had invited some of their neighbors to join them in Cancun, saying the temperature in their house was “FREEZING.”

“Yeah, I will say Heidi is pretty pissed at that,” Cruz said, referring to the leaked messages. “It’s a sign of how ridiculously politicized and nasty and just, you know, here’s a suggestion: just don’t be a**holes. Treat each other as human beings. Have some degree, some modicum of respect.”

It’s pretty pathetic that the guy and his family can’t go on a vacation without some creep snapping photographs of them in public. It’s creepy when it’s done to celebrities. It’s creepy when it’s done to politicians.

It’s just freaking creepy.

So don’t do it.