“Have Some Respect” Nikki Haley Blasts Those Politicizing Pittsburgh Shooting

If there is anything that people on the right and the left should be able to agree on, it’s that antisemitism is evil and anyone who charges into a synagogue armed to the teeth and proceeds to murder people while shouting “all Jews must die!” has absolutely no place in America, period.

In a highly divided time in our nation, the horrific shooting in Pittsburgh over the weekend should have made us pause and take a moment to appreciate the fact that we still have the common values on which our nation was founded.

Apparently, to the Democrats, even a grisly mass shooting is an opportunity to demonize conservatives, and if you didn’t already see the true colors of the path the Democrats are currently headed down, I certainly hope you can see it now.

Nikki Haley, the Trump administration’s ambassador to the U.N. who has been a bold voice in support of Israel and the Jewish people, recently firmly scolded those who can’t even take the time to show respect for the deceased and the victims.

This shooting was not only close to Haley’s heart because of her personal commitment to fighting antisemitism globally, but because she just so happens to have been the governor of South Carolina when a very similar hate crime occurred at a predominantly black church in Charleston.

On June 17, 2015, a white supremacist entered the Emanuel African American Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston and opened fire on congregants who were gathered there, killing nine.

“I have struggled w/ what happened in Pitts bc it’s so similar to what happened in [Charleston],” Haley tweeted. “The country was very racially divided [at] the time. We didn’t once blame Pres. Obama.”

She explained that, then, we “focused solely on the lives lost & their families.”

“Have some respect for these families & stop the blame,” she told those trying to fit this tragedy into their political narrative.

Despite criticism from Democrats who have desperately tried to link him to the recent spate of mail bombs as well as the synagogue shooting, Trump has expressly and unequivocally denounced these recent acts of violence.


He also agreed wholeheartedly with VP Pence’s statement that the attempts at the lives of several major Democrats had no place in America:

Haley, Trump, and Pence are doing it right. While incidents of domestic terrorism like what happened in Charleston and Pittsburgh and the attempted bombings may have political motivations or be linked to major sociopolitical issues, we lose our humanity when we can’t take a moment to grieve the unjust loss of life.

H/T Western Journal