Harvard Sorority Goes Gender-Neutral…You Won’t Believe Why

This gender-neutral stuff is getting out of control.

You would think everyone has a point, but when the most well-respected university in our nation’s history is totally OK with letting boys live in a house full of girls, we’ve definitely gotten way off course.

Sororities, the female version of fraternities, are a time-honored aspect of college life that were once considered an important step towards women’s equality and women’s education. The first sorority was founded in the late 1800’s, in a time when women rarely attended college, so creating a supportive organization just for women would have certainly been a great benefit to the college students of the day.

But it’s 2018 and none of that matters now–sororities are clearly just one more gender barrier to break down by the progressive left.


The Harvard Crimson reports:

Harvard’s chapter of the all-female sorority Kappa Alpha Theta will become the gender-neutral social group “Theta Zeta Xi” and will disaffiliate from its national organization in the fall of 2018, the club announced Monday.

In a statement, club members tied the decision to go co-ed directly to the College’s social group penalties, writing they are acting “in good faith with Harvard’s social organization and nondiscrimination policies.” The College’s sanctions—which took effect with the Class of 2021—bar members of single-gender final clubs and Greek organizations from holding student group leadership positions, varsity athletic team captaincies, and from receiving College endorsement for prestigious fellowships.

“This decision reflects our commitment to supporting our members as they take full advantage of the academic and leadership opportunities available to them as Harvard students, which we believe is central to our mission,” the statement reads.

Theta members voted unanimously to go co-ed, according to the statement.

A gender-neutral sorority would, of course, no longer be a sorority, and thus, Harvard’s inexplicably strict regulations on student leadership for members of single-sex groups have won.

Why Harvard University, of all places, has been one of the leaders in the bizarre campaign to turn America’s higher learning institutions into base camps for the most radical cultural Marxist ideas the world has ever seen, I do not know.

What I do know is that when someone says they have gone to Harvard, it now suddenly seems siginificantly less impressive.