Guiliani Calls De Blasio ‘Pathetic,’ Says BLM Should Be Declared A ‘Domestic Terror Organization’

Former New York City mayor and current attorney for President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, had some harsh words for Mayor Bill de Blasio, calling him an “idiot,” and “pathetic” during an interview with Fox News host Martha MacCallum.

I think it’s pretty safe to say after the disaster that was the coronavirus pandemic and the way it was mishandled in New York City, both of those assessments are very much the truth.

But the controversial, fiery statements didn’t end there. Giuliani also said that President Trump should label the Black Lives Matter movement a terrorist organization.

Check out the details from The Daily Wire:

MacCallum began the segment by playing a clip of President Donald Trump saying of the leadership in New York City, “They’ve just let it go to hell. And I don’t know: is it because they’re bad people or they have no common sense or they just don’t know what they’re doing, but our beautiful diamond of this country has been let go to hell.”

The Fox News host went on to note how crime in the city has grown exponentially over the last few months and then played a clip of de Blasio responding to the president, saying “the president blusters and the president tries to draw attention to himself and rarely has much to back it up.”

MacCallum asked Giuliani, “What would you say to Mayor de Blasio?”

Giuliani answered:

Mayor de Blasio is pathetic. There are times in which a public official can be so incompetent, and he is, that people actually die as a result of his being in office. And that’s been the case with Mayor de Blasio, both during the pandemic and now with the irresponsible left-wing socialist actions that he’s taken. He’s driven by a ridiculously failed philosophy, which somehow robs him of the ability to see reality.

So how would you, in the middle of a crime wave, disband the most effective part of your police department, the anti-crime unit? How would you let 8,000 people out of prison during a period of time like that? Or not go crazy over the new bail law that he and (Andrew) Cuomo put into effect so that all the rioters that were arrested would be put back out on the street within a day?

“If I had this city for one month, I could change it around in one single month if I could be allowed to do what I had to do and all of it would be legal,” the former mayor continued. “He’s an idiot, he’s an incompetent, and he’s a communist.”

Later on in the interview, Giuliani took another big swing at de Blaiso:

“You have to understand: the man is limited. He’s not that smart; he is a silly left-winger, meaning he went on his honeymoon to Cuba and he supported the Sandinistas. Now if you’re that silly, you really shouldn’t be running a government. And in my view, and I know this is a very broad one, Democrats don’t know how to run cities. They’re too impractical.”

MacCallum then presented a clip of a man being violently beaten in Portland by rioters, which led to Giuliani saying, “I can’t understand why major American corporations are giving money to Black Lives Matter, which is run by three communists who are avowed terrorists. The money that they get comes from a terrorist named Susan Rosenberg, who was convicted and sent to prison for 58 years for being involved in this conspiracy to kill cops. She’s funneling the money to them. If you spend 10 minutes, Martha, and read what they stand for, they stand for the end of our government. They don’t care about black lives.”

These are some strong, strong words. And they absolutely needed to be said. President Trump surrounds himself with folks who aren’t afraid to stand up for the truth, regardless of how much folks may not want to hear it. We need this in our culture right now, which is being overrun with political correctness.

The preservation of American values depends on those brave enough to go against the current and proclaim the principles we hold dear. And Giuliani is doing that.