It is not unprecedented for citizens of Paris to express their distaste for French policies by rioting an setting the City of Lights ablaze.

And in case you’ve missed it, they’re at it again, expressing their rage in the way the French do best, by turning their iconic city into a crème brûlée.

Why, you may ask, are they rioting this time?

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Because green policies, which seem very nice in theory when big fancy meetings of important heads of state are getting together and planning the eventual global enslavement of mankind or when you’re bringing your own canvas tote to the grocery store.

When they’re applied to the price you pay at the pump for your scooter or Peugeot, however, it doesn’t seem so fun anymore.

In fact, it’s pretty annoying. Riot-in-the-streets annoying.

“As part of his environmental policy strategy, French President Emmanuel Macron announced a green tax on fuel last month to go into effect Jan. 1,” NPR reports. “The move set off nearly a month of protests around France. The French Interior Ministry estimates 136,000 protesters turned out across the country over the weekend, in addition to 280,000 in previous weeks.”

We have certainly seen our own share of violent clashes over the last few years in places like Charlottesville and Berekely, but the groups engaged in these brawls are usually representative of so-called “extreme” and “radical” views.

The protesters in Paris seem to enjoy the support the great majority of the French people, and all jokes aside, the situation is actually quite serious.

“According to a poll conducted Sunday by Harris Interactive for French media, 72 percent of French people support the yellow vests, even after Saturday’s riots. But 85 percent responded they are against the violence,” NPR explains.

“Four people have now died since the protests began three weeks ago. Three were killed in separate traffic accidents caused by roadblocks set up by yellow vests, and an 80-year-old woman in Marseille died from injuries she received when a tear gas grenade hit her in the face as she closed her apartment windows to protests below.”

According to the Daily Mail, these are the worst riots in the city since the 60’s.

As the Daily Wire noted this week, the American media is largely ignoring the reason these protests are happening in the first place: climate change taxes.

The American media, of course, has a vested interest in maintaining audience concern over global warming, which is why CNN and CBS left out key details about France’s exorbitant fuel prices; many on the Left would love for the American government to institute similar, heavy-handed controls designed to “save the planet” at taxpayers’ expense.

This is the face of the green agenda, and while I can’t condone any violence that puts human life at risk, the way Parisians are reacting is certainly appropriately indicative of exactly how much green policies are in the best interest of the people.



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