Grassley Returns To The Senate After Having Asymptomatic COVID Case

Senator Chuck Grassley has made a full recovery from an asymptomatic case of the coronavirus and is now returning to the Senate.

Grassley, who is 87, tested positive for the coronavirus earlier in the month.

The Iowa Senator currently serves as the Senate’s president pro tempore, which means he is the fourth in line to the presidency and is also the chairman presiding over the Finance Committee.

Grassley released a statement noting that he worked from home during his quarantine and has officially been cleared to return to Washington by his doctor.

“I did not experience symptoms, but more than a thousand Americans are dying every day, and many more are hospitalized,” the senator said. “This means we all have to do our part and help protect our friends, family, and fellow Americans. I will continue to wear a mask and practice social distancing.”

via Washington Examiner:

Grassley praised “promising vaccine news … that makes staying vigilant in the coming months all the more important.”

Grassley called on Congress to end a monthslong partisan stalemate and pass a new round of coronavirus aid.

Grassley’s temporary absence broke a streak of nearly 9,000 consecutive votes in the Senate, going back to 1993.

With Grassley being in the high-risk category due to his age, it’s great to hear his case was asymptomatic and that he made such a quick recovery from the illness.

So many folks are scared of this illness, despite the fact it has a survival rate of 99 percent. Yes, there are still some folks who get it and die. That’s tragic and there’s nothing else that can really be said about it.

However, people from the flu too. There are always going to be illness out there that threaten the health and safety of people who are older or who have preexisting health conditions. All we can do is try our best to help protect those people, while also not punishing those who are young and healthy.