Graham Talks Tough About Putin, Refuses To Back Down On Call For His Assassination

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, made it clear on Wednesday that he stands firmly behind his previous call for Russian President Vladimir Putin to be assassinated or removed from his position of power.

During a press conference held at the Capitol, Graham was asked about a tweet he posted where he suggested Putin needs to be assassinated.

Graham said that by invading Ukraine, Putin has “crossed a Rubicon where there’s no going back.”

“I think the world is better off without Putin,” Graham stated unapologetically. “The sooner the better. And I don’t care how we do it.”

via Newsmax:

Graham argued he doesn’t care if Putin is assassinated or tried for war crimes at the Hague, but he said, “It’s time for him to go.”

“I wish somebody had taken Hitler out in the ’30s,” Graham went on to state, saying that Putin is “not a legitimate leader.”

Graham said Putin should be “dealt with” by the Russian people who have been victimized by his regime, stressing, “I’m not asking to set American ground forces in Ukraine to fight the Russian army.”

“I am asking the Russian people to rise up and end this Reign of Terror for you and the world at large,” he remarked. “If you follow Putin, you’re going to have zero future.”

Graham then added that he believes his friend, the late Sen. John McCain, would definitely side with him on the issue, if he were still in the Senate.

Graham delivered the remarks at a press conference urging the Biden administration to facilitate the transfer of aircraft, such as MiG-29s, and air defense systems to Ukraine.

“Maybe never in the history of warfare has 28 planes meant so much to so many,” Graham went on to say.

There are probably a lot of folks calling for that sort of action to be taken, but it’s important to realize this is a complex issue that does not have simple solutions. Russia is a nuclear power and that means careful steps are needed in dealing with the situation.

It’s understandable to be angry with Putin. He certainly deserves it. However, we need to be careful not to lead with emotion, but with caution. Lots of lives hang in the balance, all over the world, not just Ukraine.

Should something be done about Putin? Well, yes. What that something is, smarter people than me should decide.