GQ Asks Donald Trump Jr Disgusting Question About Melania, Here’s His Response

GQ magazine recently published a story called “The Real Story of Donald Trump Jr.” which featured an image of the younger Donald trapped inside an image of his father’s head, but that actually wasn’t the worst part of it.

A writer for the publication actually asked Don Jr. if he had ever wanted to have sex with his step-mother.

These people are truly despicable.

In an email obtained by Breitbart News, Matthew Boyle reports, GQ asked Trump’s son if he ever wanted to have sex with his stepmother, Melania:

The reporter writing the GQ story, Julia Ioffe, was fired a little over a year ago from Politico for making similarly prurient accusations against the first family, suggesting that President Trump was having sex with his daughter Ivanka Trump. After being fired from Politico, Ioffe joined The Atlantic‘s staff and she also writes for other publications–including this piece for GQ magazine.

The wild story begins a couple weeks ago, when GQ researcher Andrew Fedorov—on behalf of Ioffe, for a story published this Thursday—emailed a series of fact-checking questions to the Trump Organization’s official press request email address. The email, obtained by Breitbart News, included questions about the president’s son’s well-known love for fishing and angling, as well as various other basic, non-controversial questions.

But then came this bombshell: “Was there ever a time when Donald Trump Jr. felt any oedipal impulses?”

A representative of Donald Trump, Jr., former White House official Andy Surabian, issued a response to GQ’s “astonishingly inappropriate” line of questions.

“We are disappointed by the astonishingly inappropriate questions posed to Don, Jr., for this piece,” Surabian told Breitbart. “We’re hopeful that in the future GQ will have the common decency to refrain from asking people about bizarre and disgusting conspiracy theories that have no basis in reality.”

What kind of sick and twisted individual, especially a woman, allows their mind to get dragged so deeply into the sewer that they would think a question like this is even remotely acceptable?

Decency, honor, and the pursuit of truth are no longer the aims of many in the media today, as this story clearly illustrates.

This presented a clear opportunity for people to really get to know Trump Jr., and maybe, just maybe learning something about his dad too.

Instead it was squandered on filth and sensationalism. Sad.

Source: Daily Wire