Gov. Greg Abbott Says Trump Set ‘High Mark’ On Border Security; Reveals Texas Will Build A Wall

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is clearly fed up with the lack of support he’s receiving from President Biden and his administration in handling the border crisis, so he’s announced that not only is former President Donald Trump coming to visit the border, but that Texas will be building a wall.

“We need to build the border wall in certain strategic areas, and it’s going to be tomorrow that I make the public announcement about exactly what the Texas plan is for building the border wall,” Abbott said during a recent chat with Newsmax‘s “Greg Kelly Reports.”

“Texas has a plan to step up and continue to build the wall because we need to help our fellow Texans from the unbelievable number of people coming across the border,” Abbott went on to say.

The announcement about the wall came just a few hours after former President Donald Trump announced from his Save America PAC that he would be accepting the governor’s invitation to visit the southern border.

“He set the high mark for what needs to be done on the border with building the border wall, the remain in Mexico policy, with the Title 42 policy, by sending a message that no longer could people come across the border illegally,” Abbott said while chatting with Greg Kelly.

“He was going to enforce the immigration laws,” he said, adding,

“It’s amazing that we now have been through about five months or so of another administration that have yet to come down to the border, either the president or vice president.”

Essentially, since this whole thing started, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have done zip, zilch, zero to actually help solve the border crisis. Biden has gone all out to avoid having to do anything about the situation, passing the crisis off to Harris who has followed the president’s lead and done nothing.

“President Trump was highly engaged and he remained in active communication with me during the entirety of his presidency,” Abbott said, drawing attention to the contrast in how the administrations have handled the border situation.

“Obviously President Trump was controlling the border far better than President Biden is,” the governor said.

via Newsmax:

Abbott noted there has been a “1000% increase” in illegal border apprehensions this April (170,000) from last April (17,000) – although last April was the peak of the “30 days to slow the spread” of the coronavirus during the Trump administration.

As for leaking details of his border wall construction plans for Texas, Abbott declined to offer any clues, saying: “It will be effective, let me put it that way.”