Gov. DeSantis Signs Legislation Stopping Social Media From Banning Politicians

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has now signed a bill into law that is designed to stop social media from being able to kick users off their platforms and will help stop online censorship.

This guy just keeps on becoming cooler by the day, doesn’t he? There’s no doubt in my mind he’ll end up running for president in 2024. If Trump doesn’t run, I think he’ll be the go-to guy for the GOP.

via Washington Examiner:

The legislation, which the Republican called “Florida’s Big Tech Bill,” would make it illegal to ban state political candidates from Facebook and Twitter and would dole out penalties of $250,000 a day on social media companies for any statewide candidate who is removed from a platform. De-platforming more local candidates would incur a fee of $25,000 a day.

The bill also forces social media giants to give users notice seven days before they are likely to be banned and give them a chance to change their behavior and resolve the issue on the platform. The bill passed the Republican-led Florida state Legislature in April.

James O’Keefe, a conservative activist and the founder of Project Veritas, was behind DeSantis when he announced the social media bill signing on Monday. O’Keefe recently sued Twitter for defamation, claiming that the social media giant falsely accused him of creating fake accounts in order to justify banning him from the platform.

Lawmakers in several other states including Texas, Arizona, and North Dakota have also created similar bills that require greater levels of transparencies from social media platforms concerning their content moderation process and to stop them from censoring conservative speech.

Some folks, on the right and the left, are concerned that this law is unconstitutional and will force social media companies to tolerate anti-Semitic, racist, and hateful content.