Gov. Cuomo’s Administration Points Finger At Health Care Workers For Nursing Home Coronavirus Deaths

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo commissioned an investigation into the nursing home deaths related to coronavirus that happened earlier this year and is claiming the results point to the health care workers being to blame for the mess rather than his own orders for these facilities to accept coronavirus-positive patients.

Once again, the left proves that they have no desire whatsoever to take personal responsibility for their screw ups. These people never learn.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire:

“New York hospitals released more than 6,300 recovering coronavirus patients into nursing homes during the height of the pandemic under a controversial, now-scrapped policy,” the Associated Press reported late Monday, quoting an official report from the governor’s office.

But the office says it’s not to blame for the hundreds of deaths that resulted when patients who were still contagious were shifted into nursing and adult care facilities. Instead, it said that those deaths were the fault of “more than 20,000 infected home staffers, many of whom kept going to work unaware they had the virus in March and April.”

“Facts matter. And those are the facts,” a New York health commissioner told media Monday.

Ever since this controversy was revealed, Cuomo has been desperately searching for a way to push the blame for this disaster on someone else, not wanting to take responsibility for the 2,000 coronavirus deaths that happened in these nursing homes. This death count came directly after Cuomo ordered nursing homes to take in nearly 6,500 recovering coronavirus patients.

The policy in question threatened repercussions for those facilities that refused to obey the order, which essentially forced the hands of nursing homes to bring in these patients, despite the danger to other residents. Many of these facilities cared for low-income and minority patients and didn’t possess the means to properly sequester COVID-19 patients from the general population.

The governor’s office eventually rescinded the policy, but by that time the damage was done and hundreds of elderly and immuno-compromised residents individuals had died from the illness. Almost half of the COVID deaths in NY happened in nursing care facilities.

Cuomo has been pushing out excuse after excuse since rolling back the order. However, it’s time for him to fess up. This mess isn’t because of health care workers. It’s because he made a vile, horrific decision. End of story.

The man’s policy directly contributed to the death of thousands of people and he deserves to be held accountable for it, whatever that might look like.