Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Aides Are Saying NY Nursing Homes Are ‘Getting Away With A Lot’ As Accusations Of A Cover-Up Continue

According to aides of disgraced New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, there’s not a lot of accountability for nursing homes that have been implicated in the deaths of many elderly individuals in the state.

Cuomo’s secretary, Melissa DeRosa, along with his governor’s counsel Beth Garvey, both told Democratic lawmakers during a meeting last week that the current administration has not yet revoked the licenses of any of the nursing home facilities that are facing allegations of mishandling residents during the coronavirus pandemic.

The reason for this?

According to the aides, it’s because of lax enforcement of inadequate laws and “significant due process.”

via Daily Wire:

“I think a lot of these nursing homes, frankly, retrospectively, even prior to COVID have been getting away with a lot for a lot of years,” DeRosa told lawmakers, according to audio of the meeting received and reviewed by the Post.

“I think that if there is any evidence that anyone was willful, or anyone was negligent in a way that goes beyond the normal course that costs people’s lives, I think that we all share the same goal, which is to hold them accountable,” DeRosa added.

Garvey told the lawmakers that attempts to hold nursing homes accountable and to revoke the licenses of those found guilty of misconduct have not moved forward much because of a lengthy due process system.

“It has not happened,” Garvey stated when she was asked if Cuomo’s administration had revoked the license of any of the nursing homes that have been accused of misconduct. “We have significant due process, obviously, for those operators that we have to go through and hearings. So those are still ongoing.”

DeRosa sparked some severe backlash after stating that they more or less fudged the numbers concerning the actual deaths of nursing home residents during the pandemic in order to avoid being investigated by the Department of Justice under former President Trump.

Here’s the bottom line.

Cuomo covered up the number of deaths that happened on his watch because he didn’t want to be held accountable for all the loss of life he is responsible for. He needs to resign. Immediately. Or be impeached.

That’s just all there is to it.