Gov. Andrew Cuomo Says Coronavirus Hospitalizations Finally Leveling Off As New York Faces Deadliest 24 Hours Yet

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo held a press conference early on Tuesday where he stated that the number of hospitalizations are finally starting to level off after weeks of medical facilities being overwhelmed by coronavirus patients.

While delivering the good news, Cuomo also stressed that the folks in his state need to continue abiding by social distancing guidelines as a means of keeping the number of cases of COVID-19 under control.

“Right now, we are projecting that we are reaching a plateau in the total number of hospitalizations, and you can see the growth, and you see it starting to flatten,” Gov. Cuomo stated.

“Again, this is a projection. It still depends on what we do. And what we do will affect those numbers. This is not an act of God that we are looking at. It’s an act of what society actually does,” he continued.

Here’s more from The Washington Examiner:

Cuomo said the number of people who required intubation has declined, leaving hospitals more sure about their capability to treat every patient without running out of beds. He explained, “We have started with the system of about 53,000 beds statewide up to about 90,000 available beds, so we have more than enough beds available.”

“The bad news is 5,489 New Yorkers have lost their lives to this virus. That is up from 4,758. That is the largest single-day increase,” Cuomo said. “And we talk about numbers, but that is 731 people who we lost. Behind every one of those numbers is an individual, it’s a family, it’s a mother, and it’s a father, it’s a sister, it’s a brother. So, a lot of pain again today for many New Yorkers, and they are in our thoughts and prayers.”

The state of New York, as of Tuesday, has 138,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, which is a truly staggering number.

While Gov. Cuomo doesn’t say much that we as conservatives would agree with, let’s continue to hold his state and the people who live there in our thoughts and prayers. They’ve been hit super hard by this virus and it’s taking a massive toll on the population.