GOP Shred Biden’s 100-Day Plan To Reopen Schools; Say It’s Too Long To Wait

Joe Biden has been making repeated calls for schools to remain closed all across the country until 100 days into his administration — if he should indeed become president — which is not sitting well with Republicans at all.

In fact, many of them are saying this is too long for families to have to wait. And when you look at how low the risk is for complications from COVID and how new scientific data casts doubt on their status as carriers, it doesn’t make sense to keep kids home.

via Washington Examiner:

During a recent call with 30 governors, of both parties, Biden said: “I’m going to ask, and I know it’s going to be controversial with some of you, but I’m going to ask that we’re going to be able to open schools at the end of 100 days,” adding, “That’s going to take a lot of money, but we know how to do it. If we have the money and the funding, everything from ventilation to more teachers to smaller class sizes — a whole range of things.”

Indiana Republican Sen. Mike Braun, a member of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, told the Washington Examiner that a deadline of 100 days is too long to put children back into the schools.

“When it comes to schools being open, I think the data shows that they’ve been one of the safest places to actually keep in operation, and most of the schools back in Indiana have managed through. They had great protocols to avoid most of the instances of confronting with it, and when they do, they’ve got a way to handle it,” he said. “They basically kept the doors open. So, the idea that you’d get them back open in 100 days, I think, will be disappointing for any of those that by implication think they’re going to be shut down.”

Even Sen. Mitt Romney is hoping that schools will be open well before the time frame suggested by Biden.

“It’s being done at a district by district basis [in Utah], and I’m very pleased that the number of COVID infections in Utah is coming down, which indicates that the governor’s actions have had an impact,” Romney said.

You’d think since public schools and colleges are the indoctrination centers for future statists that the government needs to be able to depend on one day to help protect the system, they’d be more gung-ho about getting kids back in the classroom.

Regardless, it’s time to open schools and businesses up. This nonsense with this virus is quickly destroying our nation. We must end it before it ends us.