GOP Says Thousands Of Voters In Wisconsin Might Have Gotten Around Voter ID Requirement

Republicans in the state of Wisconsin are now beginning to ask some serious questions about the very high numbers of individuals, especially new voters, who somehow managed to get around showing a photo ID at the polls in order to vote by simply listing themselves as “indefinitely confined.”

Folks, the left has employed every single trick in the book as a means of stealing this election from President Trump. At this point, nothing would surprise me.

via Washington Examiner:

When requesting an absentee ballot, Wisconsin law allows voters to self-certify if they are “indefinitely confined” to their residence because of age, physical illness, or are disabled for an indefinite period of time. Doing so allows them to submit an absentee ballot without having to show any form of photo ID, although they must have a ballot witness sign off.

This year, the number of indefinitely confined voters soared amid the coronavirus pandemic, leaving Republicans saying they are concerned about potential fraud. In 2019, about 72,000 voters said they were indefinitely confined. That number reportedly ballooned to 243,000 this year.

Controversy arose in March, when the clerk of Dane County posted on social media that the governor’s lockdown order met the threshold for voters to be indefinably confined. Milwaukee County also issued similar guidance. But the state’s Supreme Court later sided with the GOP and said that the clerk’s “advice was legally incorrect.” Despite that, if a voter listed themselves as indefinitely confined during the primaries, an absentee ballot was automatically sent to them for the general election.

Zachary Halaschak, a reporter from the Washington Examiner said in his report, “A GOP official told the Washington Examiner on Monday that thousands may have voted without showing a photo ID because of the confusion. The official asserted that Republicans know the system of marking oneself as indefinitely confined has been abused in Wisconsin.”

“At what point does it become fraud? I think it became fraud in April, when people were listing themselves as indefinitely confined when they were not. And that was just allowed to continue and get worse and worse,” the official told the Washington Examiner.

The same official stated that despite the SCOTUS decision, there still was not a true, definitive ruling about what to do with the folks who had already listed themselves as “indefinitely confined.”

“It was a net loss of us, no question about it,” the official stated.

The official also noted that 25,000 of the “indefinitely confined” voters were voting for the very first time. Gee, that’s quite a high number, isn’t it?

“We know there are people who are indefinitely confined. That’s what the law was put in place for, but they left a loophole which you could drive a truck through,” the official continued.

Clerks were then told to double-check to see if these voters actually were indefinitely confined, but the official stated that doing that with these kind of numbers was “practically impossible.”

Guys, this too is something we desperately need to investigate. There’s a high probability that folks were not legally supposed to be voting who used this whole “indefinitely confined” thing as a loophole to cast a ballot, no doubt in favor of Joe Biden.

People need to be held accountable for this and the votes recounted.