GOP Attorneys General Offer Scathing Criticism Of Biden Over Vaccine Mandate

A total of 21 GOP state attorneys general have sent out a letter on Wednesday to President Joe Biden stating that they believe his coronavirus vaccine mandate for all federal contractors “stands on shaky legal ground,” and is confusing to contractors, noting that it might end up making the current supply-chain nightmare even worse than it already is.

They also stated in the letter that companies might be blacklisted for federal contracts unless they can get workers vaccinated on an “unworkable timeline.”

“We strongly urge you to instruct agencies to cease implementing the mandate or, at a minimum, to provide clarity to agencies and federal contractors across the country and delay the mandate’s compliance date,” the letter which was signed by attorneys general from Texas, Mississippi, Alaska, as well as other states, continued.

via Newsmax:

Republican officials have already threatened to sue over the order that Biden issued Sept. 9. Some legal experts have said they think the Biden administration is on strong legal footing with the mandates to protect public safety.

The administration is expected to release details soon about implementing the mandate. Biden has said companies with at least 100 employees will have to require all their employees be vaccinated or undergo weekly testing. The mandate for federal contractors goes into effect in December, and it does not have a testing option.

Many businesses, governments and schools are already setting COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Employees of some federal contractors — including at a shipbuilder and a NASA rocket engine test site in Mississippi — have been protesting what they see as federal overreach into private lives.

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch said in a news release Wednesday that vaccination should be an individual decision.

“Forcing people to vaccinate or lose their jobs is a flawed premise … and the mismanaged execution of that idea demonstrates how utterly unworkable it is as a national policy,” Fitch went on to say.

Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, has already put out an executive order back on October 11 that bans both private companies and other entities from being able to require employees to get the jab.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey took action on Monday to direct the state’s executive branch agencies not to cooperate with the federal vaccine mandate where possible.

“Meanwhile, the Biden administration said Wednesday that the vaccination deadline will not require immediate action on the part of employers against unvaccinated employees when it comes into force on Dec. 8,” Newsmax said.