Furious Parents Take Action Against Public School Officials Over ‘Illegal’ Student Mask Mandate

School child wearing face mask during corona virus and flu outbreak. Boy and girl going back to school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown. Group of kids in masks for coronavirus prevention.

A group of parents in the state of Michigan have had it with what they call “illegal” student mask mandates and have decided to take action by filing a lawsuit against public school officials.

Parents located in Portage, Michigan, have alleged that Portage Superintendent Mark Bielang cannot legally impose a mask mandate on their kids because his office is not elected, according to the new lawsuit.

All seven elected members of the Portage Public Schools board have also been named as part of the suit, according to a report.

“We feel it should be parent choice,” Kelly Sackett, a parent and  member of the group taking action against Portage Public Schools, went on to say.

“If children want to wear masks to school, they can go right ahead and wear masks to school, but it should always be the parent’s choice. It should not be mandated,” she continued.

via Washington Examiner:

By continuing a mask mandate, the school board for Portage Public Schools is breaking the law, the parents allege.

Masks cannot be required by the school district if the Kalamazoo County Health Department retracted its school mask mandate in December, according to the suit.

Portage Public Schools is not able to comment on a pending legal action, a spokesperson for the district told the Washington Examiner.

There shouldn’t be any mask mandates for children to begin with. We already know, by the admission of many health officials and experts, that cloth masks do not prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Many of the kids who wear these things all day are exposing themselves to all kinds of bacteria as the masks become filthy after all day usage. It’s unsanitary. Period.

Kudos to these parents standing up for the rights of their children who would otherwise not have a voice to be heard.