Former VP Mike Pence Now Encouraging Young People To Get COVID Vaccine

Former Vice President Mike Pence recently urged an audience comprised of young conservatives to go out and get the coronavirus vaccine as more and more cases of the delta variant pop up across the United States.

The former vice president’s plea to the folks in the audience is timely as new reports have revealed that there is some resistance by young people toward the vaccine.

via Newsmax:

Speaking in Houston Wednesday, Pence was very direct. “Now let me say this about the vaccine: I got the shot. My family got the shot. And I want to encourage anyone here who hasn’t gotten the shot who’s eligible to go get it. And if you’re not sure about it, go ask your doctor and get the very best advice you can,” Pence said.

The vice president, who got his vaccination last December on live television, went on to say, “As we do our part, each and every one of us, to put this pandemic in the past, we need to also stand firm on the principle that we can defeat this virus without lockdowns and mandates.”

The former vice president, who led the White House coronavirus take force last year, touted the success of Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration initiative that reduced regulatory red tape that allowed for the rapid development and testing of COVID-19 vaccines last year. The result was several vaccines receiving emergency authorization from the Food and Drug Administration.

The audience at the Young America Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference was receptive to Pence’s comments. “We can protect the vulnerable and get our kids back to school. And we can keep America open without forfeiting our freedoms,” Pence said to enthusiastic applause.

A lot of the reason for the hesitancy concerning the vaccine has to do with the fact that this thing is very much still in the experimental phase. The FDA, as of this writing, still has not given it full approval.

Not to mention all of the side effects, many of which are severe, that people are experiencing from the vaccine. This is a serious decision that needs to be made with care.