Former President Trump Teases Possible Return To Social Media On TRUTH

Former President Donald Trump seemingly teased his extremely highly anticipated return to social media during a test of his brand new platform, TRUTH.

“Get ready! Your favorite president will see you soon,” Trump said in a TRUTH Social message that was then shared by son Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter.

via Newsmax:

The New York Post reported that the shared screenshot made the former president a trending topic on Twitter, a social media giant that banned him.

“Time for some Truth!!!” Donald Jr. posted Tuesday night, getting over 51,000 likes by late Wednesday morning.

Trump’s new platform is expected to officially launch Monday — Presidents’ Day — according to its listing on Apple’s App Store. Users can “get” the app now, and will be notified after it becomes available.

Former Rep. Devin Nunes, CEO of Trump’s new media company, told Newsmax earlier this month the launch of the company’s Facebook-like social media platform,, was undergoing beta testing and should be ready to launch by the end of March.

Mocked-up screenshots from the TRUTH app showed the user “Jack’s Beard” with the handle @Jack — the one former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has on the site he co-founded, the Post reported.

The test messages that have been used to promote TRUTH Social show the @Jack account telling a person to take down an influential user’s account and posts, which is an obvious nod to the controversial removal Trump from Twitter.

“Are you sure you want to do that? I mean it’s a pretty big deal censoring that content. Kinda an overreach … right?” the other pretend user, @Jane, says in her response, according to a report from the Post.

“JUST TAKE IT DOWN!” @Jack replies, complete with an angry emoji.

“TRUTH Social (beta) has dropped and President Trump is active on his own account! The world is healing. 🙌🏻,” Willis said in a tweet with a screen shot that revealed similarities to Trump’s old Twitter account.

Trump’s own profile has a red tick that shows he’s verified, which is a lot like Twitter’s blue check, and there is a section for “Truth & Replies” instead of the “Tweets & replies” on Twitter.

The TRUTH Social platform is promising to promote and encourage “open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology.”