Former President Trump Says Biden’s Border Policies Are ‘Destroying Our Country,’ Predicts Things Will Get Worse

Former President Donald Trump recently conducted an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo stating that President Joe Biden’s immigration policies are “destroying our country” and then went on to predict that the situation at the border is about to get a lot worse.

Bartiromo pointed out that one of the first acts Biden did when taking over the presidency was to toss out Trump’s border policies and to stop the construction of the border wall, which the host said caused an “onslaught of illegal immigration.”

“Do you believe this would not have happened had he not overturned your policies?” she asked the former president.

“My policies were working better than they’ve ever seen on the southern border,” Trump answered. “The wall was almost complete. We just had to fix little sections, complete little sections that had to be together.”

“But they’re destroying our country,” Trump went on to say. “People are coming by the hundreds of thousands. Young children are coming in and they leave their homes and they come up because they think it’s going to be so wonderful, and frankly, our country can’t handle it.”

“It is a crisis like we’ve rarely had and certainly we’ve never had on the border,” Trump continued. “But it’s going to get much worse. I mean, what you’re seeing now is very bad, record numbers, but it’s going to get much, much worse. With a little bit of time, you’ll see those numbers expand at a level like you’ve never seen before.”

It’s very clear that Biden and the rest of the Democrats create these crisis situations at the border because they are encouraging illegal immigration. Not so they can rescue people looking to escape from political oppression or something noble like that.

No, to them, these illegal immigrants are political pawns. They want them to cross the border, hook them on welfare, and then turn them into Democratic voters. Just tools for their own domination, that’s all these folks are to the left.

Source: Daily Wire