Former President Trump Launches Massive Attack On Senate Minority Leader McConnell

Former President Donald Trump set his sights on Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell over the weekend, stating that it’s time to end his term in the position because “the Old Crow” is “giving the Democrats victory on everything.”

Trump, in a statement that was published through his Save America PAC, accused McConnell of “hurting the Republican Senators and the Republican Party,” stating that he didn’t “have the guts” to use the debt ceiling card, which would have “given the Republicans a complete victory on virtually everything. The Dems were ready to fold!”

via Newsmax:

Last week, McConnell negotiated a deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., to allow the Democrats to hike the debt ceiling with just a majority of votes rather than 60 in order to overcome a filibuster, thereby allowing Republicans to say that none of them voted for a debt ceiling increase.

Trump then warned that the Democrats would never reciprocate, and that “they will use the Debt Ceiling against us at their first opportunity, and they won’t fold.”

“GET RID OF MITCH!” the statement ended.

You know, Trump’s not wrong here. Not at all.

McConnell is what most of us would consider to be a RINO, or Republican In Name Only for those who aren’t “hip” on the conservative slang terms.

Essentially, he’s a Democrat-lite masquerading as a Republican, and that’s something we’ve known for a very long time. When Trump elected president, the Establishment was destroyed. However, there’s still bits and pieces of them floating around that need to be removed from their positions.

So let’s do it!